November 17, 2011
Are you Eurotrash enough?

Rule 1: Must love Gucci, Missoni and the like Rule 2: Fashion and style? Completely different Rule 3: Don’t keep your opinions to yourself! If you don’t like it, just say it. Follow these rules? Then you should follow Justine’s blog. This sharp and chic lady has a way with words that will keep you entertained for countless hours. Justine hails from TO and lives and breathes by those 3 rules. We love her style and witty humour, not convinced? Check out our q&a with Justine herself.
1) How long have you been blogging for? What made you start?
1. I’ve ben blogging since May 2009. Another eurotrash girl and I were planning a summer trip to the Amalfi Coast. I suggested we start a blog about what our plans, what we were gonna bring, what we were gonna buy and how it feels to be on a yacht all day. We called it Whatever Eurotrash because we had already come up with that title in 2004 while in Florence. We thought it was the perfect name to describe our M.O.
2) How would you describe your aesthetic?
2. My aesthetic is Eurotrash: an esoteric person or thing that embodies a hedonistic lifestyle of luxury and high fashion with an open contempt for the mainstream - while at the same time does not strive for either. (Taken from my website’s credo). I love vintage pieces and mixing them with fab finds I’ve hunted down on trips to Europe and L.A. You can’t be Eurotrash without a great pair of faceshields (glasses). Eyewear is the lynchpin of the Eurotrash aesthetic.
3) Your perfect outfit consists of?
3. From top to bottom: a wow-factor pair of glasses; anything with a Mickey Mouse or skull print on it; a vintage blazer; Notify jeans from Luisa Via Roma circa 2004; BOOTS (anything from Camilla Skovgaard, to Kirkwood, to Gucci) if it’s summer though, a rundown pair of sneakers; a Balenciaga first bag in any friggin colour of the rainbow; skull jewelry.
4) A Fall trend you can’t live without…
4. Fall trend i can’t live without? Bright coloured pants. My sis bought a pair of emerald greens from The Gap and my bestie got apple red skinnies from Zara… I haven’t decided what colour to get yet! I’ll probably get cobalt blue, red and mustard yellow. Owwww!
5) One thing on your bucket list you have to do
5. Go to Rio De Janeiro and hand glide off the Jesus Statue at Corcovado.

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