December 15, 2011
A Little Laughter & Chocolate Cures All

If you haven’t stopped by Melissa’s life & style blog,Miss Melissa you definitely should. You’ll not only get styling tips - you’ll also get how-to guides and recipes to delicious things. When we first heard back from her, we were delighted to work with someone as sweet as her… and the best is her belief in vintage, laughter, and chocolate. We got to interview Melissa in a short Q&A so here’s your chance to get Melissa a little more.

How long have you been blogging for? What made you start?
I’ve actually been blogging since 2006. Back then my blog was more of an online diary and no one read it haha. About a year ago I decided to focus on my blog on what I was most passionate about, styling clothes and chatting with my readers.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
My style is really difficult for me to define. It’s an expression of how I’m feeling that day and every day I’m feeling different. One day I might want to throw on jeans, a t-shirt, a blazer and flats and the next I might want to wear a frilly dress with some sky high heels.

What does your perfect outfit consists of?
It needs to be comfortable. I’m not sure when I became practical because I used to be a fashion over function kind of gal but lately I find if I’m not comfy in my outfits it’s a deal breaker.

A Fall/Winter trend you can’t live without……
Faux fur. I’ve been throwing my faux fur vest over everything. It has been keeping me so warm and cozy!

One thing on your bucket list you have to do:
Travel Europe. I’ve been obsessively watching travel shows and I think it’s time I actually go visit some of these places!