January 19, 2012
Blogger Spotlight: Petra Karlsson

This 14-year old Swedish blogger has us obsessed with her fashion, photography, and hair. We’re amazed by her keen ability to style and balance her school-fashion life.She’s latest hair inspiration for many other Lookbook.nu bloggers. If you haven’t already, see why other fashion bloggers are talking about Petra on her blog here.

1. How long have you been blogging for? What made you start?
I’ve been blogging for 1 ½ year. At the beginning I just wanted to share my photos, but after a year or so fashion became an interest and took over the blog, haha.

2. How would you describe your aesthetic?
Hmm.. The looks that I “create” actually just pops up in my head when I see one piece of clothing. I’m kind of random when it comes to clothes, it does not have to be extremely modern for me to wear it. I like to wear different things everyday just because I like to change and always be in moving in some direction.

Petra in Shoppalu’s vintage dress!

3. Your does perfect outfit consists of?
A perfect outfit Is a outfit where you feel comfortable in, but in the same time you feel like you’re looking good and that the clothing you’re wearing represents you.

4. A Fall/Winter trend you can’t live without……
Sparkly clothes, love it. Feel like I’m a queen ;)

5. What’s one thing on your bucket list you have to do?
This whole lookbook/blogging thing has giving me a lot to do. During the Christmas holiday, I don’t have any school stuff that I need to do, but I have 5-6 trainings a week and when I open my mailbox in the mornings I can have 10 unread mails. Of course I’m glad about it but It kind of stresses me out, so I should actually take it more peacefully, relax and do other things like just go out and photograph.

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