March 29, 2012
Purely <3

Vanessa Santos is the name behind the brand and blog, Pure Lovers. This Portuguese beauty combines a strong style of her Mediterranean influences and the trends of the West Coast and Australia of today. Vanessa’s beautifully stylistic back drops, attitude and of course a fierce closet of clothing makes this blogger one to watch.

Vanessa’s wearing a Shoppalu vintage sequin top.

1) How long have you been blogging for? What made you start?

1 ) I’ve been blogging for two years now. The fact that I loved fashion so much, was my main reason to start blogging because when you blog you can share what inspires you, what captivates and fascinates you, with the entire world. I really wanted to share more about my passion with people around, so that’s why I’ve started it. Everyone of us have a particular vision about something and fashion is all about being creative and being unique, so I thought “why not?” and it was the best decision ever.

2) How would you describe your aesthetic?

2) Well, I’m really mixed. I have a passion for vintage… because I think by wearing timeless pieces and adapting them to your own style, you’ll be creating something unique. I also love leather jackets, some great heels and blouses. In fact, I think I like pretty much everything because I like the feeling of trying and experimenting something new all the time.

3) Your perfect outfit consists of?

3) My perfect outfit consists on a leather jacket, some heels, high waist-ed pants and a blouse or a little black dress… and last but not least, a dark or red lipstick. It can make a difference.

4) A Spring trend you can’t live without…

4) The nude tones, I love them!