April 30, 2012
Trend of the Week: Collared Shirts

While the collared shirt is more of a classic than anything, how it always seems to adapt itself into the current trends’ aesthetic makes this key piece a fashion marvel. Having gone to a school with a uniform, the trend then was to roll up the sleeves and have the top button(s) undone - making the shirt look as casual as possible.

Britney Spears was probably the inspiration that caused us to go to such, as my mother would call “sloppy,” lengths. Anyone with buttoned-up cuffs or collar was considered, well, a ‘nerd’ or social pariah. Paired with a uniform skirt to the knee, or GASP past the knee, the person in question was either a tad odd or hadn’t yet learned the ropes.

Now, fast forward to the workplace, the collared shirt is a key way to show the world that you’re a) professional and b) know what you’re talking about.

The current iteration of the collared shirt is buttoned-up the whole way (maybe those so-called “nerds” knew what they were doing). Collars are definitely a big focus for designers and in most of the Fall 2021 RTW shows there was nary a collarbone in sight.

Givenchy RTW SS 2012

Maarten van der Horst Spring 2012

Celine RTW SS 2012

We can even look forward to the collared shirt trend come fall.

Alexander Wang RTW Fall 2012

Miu Miu RTW Fall 2012

Louis Vuitton Fall RTW 2012

Looks like Uncle Karl has been rockin’ this trend all along.

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