June 14, 2012
Miss Wida

We love hearing how each blogger we’ve worked with started their blog. This beautiful lady, Wida from Missing Amsie, started her blog for the sole purpose of being able to reach out for her sister that lives in another far away state. We love how much emotion she brings to every post and style. xo

…How long have you been blogging for? What made you start?
I’ve been blogging for over a year now, and have been learning new things from it every day. What made me start blogging was my drive for something creative to do in my life. I come from a small city in Ohio so I find it a bit hard to be creative when there’s a bit of a lack of inspiration fashion-wise where I live. Everyone here is quite happy in their t-shirts and jeans, not that there’s a problem with that, however I was craving more diversity within my realms of fashion-knowledge and I knew that starting my blog would connect me to other fashion-forward individuals. I just want to believe there’s more out there than where I live.

…How would you describe your aesthetic?
My personal aesthetic is definitely minimalist-chic. Is that a term? Haha. I used to be infatuated with jewelry, bags, and many other things, but the more I’ve gotten older, the more I’ve realized how beautiful the feminine body
is and I’ve come to appreciate that very much. I find that over-accessorizing or over-cluttering of clothes distracts away from the female body that is already beautiful and unique. That’s why I stick to a more minimalistic-look. I just find a great pair of shoes, pair it with a maxi dress, and call it a day!

…Your does perfect outfit consists of?
I find my perfect outfit would be a belted high-waisted black pencil skirt, with a fitted angora sweater. Something similar to what women wore in the ’50s, and what you would find in Mad-Men. I love a lot vintage clothing and find that most of them will always be in-style.

…A trend you try to incorporate into every outfit!
A trend I always try to incorporate to an outfit are always the shoes! I love shoes with decorative heels much like my Miu Miu bejeweled heels or YSL cage heels. There are so many great
shoe trends on the rise and I’m hoping to be part of it!

…One thing on your bucket list you have to do
Ever since I was a child, my life has been about helping others. I have always wanted to start a charity organization to change the lives of individuals around the world. I always get inspiration from watching CNN Heroes, or reading
daily stories of how people help others. So one day when I get myself established, I will start a big organization and hopefully start traveling the world to help others and hear their stories, much of what like Angelina Jolie does. I always provide
a great deal of conscious effort to realize what I can do to help individuals, and I hope that one day you and I can change the world, my friend.

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