June 27, 2012
Style Icon of the Week: The Bohemian Wedding

Full disclosure - we don’t have the bridezilla gene, we’re not the kind of girl who has had her china pattern, bouquet, bridesmaid dresses, groom’s tux, boboniere, mode of transportation, location, entrĂ©e etc picked out since we were in kindergarten. Despite this, we couldn’t help but be beyond inspired by Ms. Missoni’s La Strada inspired wedding. This type of wedding isn’t the type of wedding that makes us cringe - no suburban halls, no Hummer limo and no gown that makes the bride look like a stuffed turkey. We’re talking your non-traditional, non-stuffy seeming wedding that provides endless inspiration for us fashionphiles.

Less walking, more frolicking, newlyweds

Of course, a flat heart shaped cake instead of the usual tiered

UPDATED: Our faves! Eugenie Niarchos (past Fashion Idol of the Week), Tatiana Santo Domingo, Cornelia Brandolini D’adda and Margherita chillout on some rugs (where else would you lounge during a gypset wedding?)

Mick Jagger marries Bianca Perez Moreno Bacias

It’s not a proper boho wedding without a little cleavage, is it? Shh.. the bride is 4 months pregnant with Jade Jagger. Resisting the urge to make a sexual comment about Mick’s face.

Kate Moss’ wedding complete with bridesmaids, flower girls and of course, page boy

Recreating Bianca and Mick’s wedding photo (sans cleavage)

Lila Grace minding Kate’s train - another popular deviation of the traditional wedding? The baby carriage before the marriage.

At 21, marrying Frank Sinatra does not accommodate your typical traditional wedding

Mia Farrow’s famous haircut embodies the simple chic of the boho wedding. No stuffy updo here.

Although her dress looks white here, Bridigitte Bardot wore a pink gingham day dress for her wedding making gingham trendy again. Another key factor of the boho wedding is the spin it takes on the traditional wedding dress, like Mia Farrow

The Bohemian wedding is a style icon because it’s not afraid to break the rules and try something new - that is what makes it iconic and that’s why we’re looking at wedding photos from the 1960s and 70s today. We have a feeling our daughters will be flipping through their fashion packed tablets (or Google Goggles, hologram whatever) at Margherita Missoni’s wedding and getting inspired 20-30 years from now.

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