August 2, 2012
The Only Fashion Princess

Rachella is a 19 year old fashion blogger. She is currently studying business and economics. Although she is still a teenager, her style evolution has become a young sophisticated lady. Check out her Q&A and her blog!
1) When did you start blogging? What prompted you to start?
I started in July, 2010. I read an article about fashion blogs in a magazine, and after visiting the ones that were mentioned in that article, I wanted to have one myself too. I was looking for a way to express my love for fashion for a while then, and I thought this would be the perfect solution. However, I never thought it would become such a great passion. I’m totally addicted to blogging and I love everything about it!
2) What has been the strongest influence in your life (thus far)?
That’s definitely my mum. She taught me to follow your dreams, do what you want, and respect the small things in life. She taught me to be yourself and I guess that’s one of the things that my readers like about my blog. I dress like I want, and I hope other people like that, even though I wouldn’t change if they did’t because I want to be myself. :)
3) What advice would you give someone trying to get into fashion blogging?
Something related to the previous answer: Be yourself! If you’re yourself and you’re having fun with blogging, everything will work out well.
4) How do you describe your style and aesthetic?
Items you try to incorporate into your daily outfit… I guess my style is sophisticated, feminine, and versatile. But please form your own opinion about it! :) Items I try to incorporate into my daily outfit depend on my mood. Some days I love a wonderful pair of sky-high heels, a pencil skirt and a classy top; other days I adore flat shoes, a simple tee and a leather jacket.
5) What is the other half of your double life? Beside blogging?
I’m a Business and Economics student.