August 15, 2012
Style Icon of the Week: Babe Paley

Barbara “Babe” Cushing Mortimer Paley was born in Boston in 1915 to a famous brain surgeon father, and little is known of her mother Katharine Stone Crowell Cushing. She was undoubtedly one of the most well dressed people of her time with everyone from regular every day women to Marilyn Monroe wanting to dress like her. Like many style icons, Baby Paley lived a sad life with an unfaithful husband and losing a battle to lung cancer. However, her elegance, charm and class will always go down in the history books of American style.

Her wedding to Stanley Mortimer, Jr. in 1940.

Babe with her family at her wedding to William Paley in 1947. At the time, Paley was known as a trailblazer “trailblazer in the murky terrain of New York society’s ethnic and religious prejudices,” for marrying a Jewish man.

Babe Paley photopgraphed by Erwin Blumenfeld in the February 1947 issue of American Vogue

Paley was in the Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame ,1958 and named theSuper Dresser of Our Time in 1975 by the magazine

"Mrs. P. had only one fault: She was perfect; otherwise, she was perfect,” Truman Capote on Babe

For Vogue, 1941

Paley in her apartment in the St. Regis, painted by Cecil Beaton

Babe Paley with Marietta Tree in 1940, modelling hats

Wearing a checked coat in 1966

The Perfect Southern Belle, Shot by Toni Frissell in Charleston, SC (1940)