August 16, 2012
Thursdays Q&A!

Jenevieve Rhea T. Bue is a nursing graduate who is passionate about fashion. The 21 year old has been blogging for about 6 years now. Check out her blog and our interview with her!
1) When did you start blogging? What prompted you to start?
I started blogging 6 years ago out of curiosity. I saw a lot of great sites when I first started browsing the big WWW and it came into my mind that I wanted to have my very own site someday. And thus, I started with blogspot made friends with some bloggers who happens to be still my online friends now and we’re all using wordpress and managing our very own domains too.
2) What has been the strongest influence in your life (thus far)?
Fashion has been the strongest influence in my life. I am this confident because of fashion. It molded me to the person that I am now.
3) What advice would you give someone trying to get into fashion blogging?
If you have the determination, you can do anything and you will definitely succeed! Confidence is also the key into fashion blogging, for whatever style you have, you can flaunt it and be proud of it and people would see that and eventually appreciate your style.
4) How do you describe your style and aesthetic? Items you try to incorporate into your daily outfit…
I’d usually go for anything. I’m not closing my door to just one style. I must say that I am a very versatile fashion blogger. I love trying different styles.
5) What is the other half of your double life? Beside blogging?
I am a Nursing graduate and I spend most of my time reviewing for our upcoming board exam this Saturday and Sunday. So when I reach home from our review, I’d spend an hour or two to blog, check my emails and other social networking sites.

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