October 24, 2012

This weeks trends Baroque is definitely one, that when worn, is a conversation starter. With out outfit shown below we’ve decided to keep it simple by letting one of our vintage pieces really stand out. This piece is everything that Baroque stands for, which is wealth, royalty and opulence. This is the perfect outfit for a date or even out with your girl friends. Its very simplistic but by adding a view statements such as the top itself, the clutch, and a pop of colour with a red lip, you’ll be turning heads.

Along with this outfit, we’ve chosen the song “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley. If your an “The O.C.” fan you’ll most definitely recognize the song. There are a few reasons this song was chosen, one being the title and our trends history. Baroque stems from old Italian Architecture, and art, specifically old religious structures. Second, we feel as though if this song isn’t you’re kind of “music”, the appreciation for what Buckley has said and accomplished with this song is definitely still there. Similarly, with this weeks trend, we think it’s safe to say Baroque may not be everyones cup of tea. However, when realizing how much work can go into one piece that incorporates the trend, theres no doubt there is an appreciation for it. The attention to detail and originality is definitely not something to go unnoticed.

(Source: Spotify)