November 1, 2012
Fashion Icon of the Week: C.Z. Guest

C.Z. Guest is your classic American style icon. Throughout her lifetime she wore a number of hats having been a theatre actress, a horsewoman and a designer of a small collection of cashmere sweaters later in life. Her husband was a first cousin of Winston Churchill and a famous polo player. Her daughter hung out with Andy Warhol in the 60s and has been a big supporter of PETA throughout the years. “She loved the avant-garde, but beneath it all she was very old-fashioned in the best sense. She had the grand manner and all the marvelous manners. She loved fun and she loved young people but probably not as much as they loved her.” — C.Z. Guest, Fashion Icon, from her speech at Diana Vreeland’s memorial service.

At the Belmont Ball with Joseph Palmer

Shot by Cecil Beatonin Vogue, 1951

C.Z. Guest at Belmont Park

With her son, shot by Slim Aaron

Shot for Town & Country in 1956