December 14, 2011
Prohibition Era

It’s become pretty obvious lately, that there’s been a resurgence of period dramas on the big and small screen. We see shows like Pan Am and Mad Men and their ability to take us back to a time when hemlines were longer, collars were higher and bodices were tighter. As you may all be aware now, our theme of the week is 20s. Which means it’s more than appropriate to do a little intro on one of our fav shows at the moment, “Boardwalk Empire”. Set in the 20s, this post war decade gives the perfect backdrop to the stories of speakeasy clubs, average men risking their lives for the good ol drink, and of course, women’s suffrage and this newly acquired liberty to be able to express oneself through luxurious garb and a decadent lifestyle. This love of cigarettes and mink shrugs definitely have us drinking the kool-aid.

December 13, 2011
20s on the Streets

History 101: Known as the “Roaring Twenties”, this decade was known as the time when the whole world had changed. Our world had just lived through the first ever world war and life was good again. The economic boom in the United States made this period a time of lux and wealth. High quality clothing, especially fur, became prevalent, and fashion was never the same again. The style from this decade may seem shapeless and conservative to us now, but being able to pull it off allows the most stylish of the streets to easily carry an air of je ne sais quoi.

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